Thursday, 14 August 2008

Down The Islands

This summer, we went Down The Islands. This picture was taken of an Eagle Ray under the jetty at Avees in Collens Bay, Monos. Our names are Chas, Sam and Max.
This website was created because we know all about tropical rainforests and the sea around Trinidad and Tobago. We have lots of pets like fresh water fish including crustaceans. We also have many chickens. We have two pet manicous, three cats, three dogs and sometimes, we get HUGE SPIDERS and SNAKES!
If you have any questions on the rainforest or the sea, please comment and we would love to help you.


Wuzdescene said...
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Wuzdescene said...

WOW Chas, Sam and Max ... CONGRATULATIONS on starting this blog ... nice Ray pic .... I remember feeding one once .... when I was about y’all age (at Sea World) .... looking forward to reading about your adventures! :-)

Islandgirl said...

Now that you have your blog up you have to come pick up the fish tank so that you can have your semi poisonous snake to talk about as well!!! Good luck with the blog
love Auntie Sharon

Tash said...

Nice one boys. Looking forward to pics of the 'pets'

Theresa said...

This is fantastic boys! I will definitely be checking this out regularly. Something tells me that you will be teaching me A LOT.

GirlBlue said...

This is great! I can't wait to see what wonderful stuff you guys write about :)

eye in de sky said...

What has six legs and flies?
The three of you.....Ha ha ha ha
luv Dad

Guanaguanare said...

Chas, Sam and Max, this is the Trinbagonian blog that I have been waiting for all my life! I have added it to my list of blogs and I will visit you often.

Now, I am in need of your help.

Can you tell me what is the local name of the plant that the Amerindians use to dye their skin black? The botanical name is "Genipa americana" and apparently the dye is now in demand for body tattoing. Unlike some other black dyes which are poisonous, this dye, which the Tainos called "jagua", is not. The other good thing is that it fades after 15 days which makes it perfect for temporary tattoos.

I am relying on your knowledge of the rainforest to discover what Trinbagonians call this plant as I have been told that it grows in T&T.

I hope that you will consider taking on this assignment but as always, before you make your decision, please consult your Mummy for her approval.


Wacky Mommy said...

Wow, you guys -- my kids (ages 6 & 8) are going to love this site! Thank you!