Monday, 15 December 2008

More on jacamars and on global warming.

Here is a newspaper clipping that I am glad came out, on
how trees can help global warming.I am realy thankful to
photocopyers, otherwise I couldn't put this up.

More on jacamars:
For once, I think I have all the answers to your questions. I have taken information from "Birds of Trinidad and Tobago" by Richard Ffrench.
Below excerpt lovingly typed by Mummy!!! Ahem.
"Food: insects, including flies, beetles, bees, dragonflies and butterflies. Some of the latter are quite large. Usually prey is caught in the air and brought to a perch where it is battered to death!
Description: Approximately 10.5 inches. Male underparts and band across upper breast iridescent golden green; throat white, rest of underparts chestnut; tail long (5 inches), outer feathers chestnut. Female as male but throat buff. Bill black, long, straight and very thin.
Nesting: Breeding recorded in Trinidad from February to June, especially March and April; in Tobago many nests recorded from February to July; moult is in August. The unined nest is a tunnel up to 18 inches long, usually in a sandy bank, sometimes in a termites nest, a few feet above the ground, or even in the earth round the roots of a fallen tree. Clutch is usually three white eggs, both parents incubate alternately during the day, the female at night."
Mummy signing out.....
Many thanks to my mum for typing as I called.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Dragon Dream By:Sam

Dangerous teeth and scary roar
Run in through my bedroom door
Amazing fire burns the bed
Gush of flame so scarlet red
Overhead I hear my mother
"Now get up chas, and wake your brother"

I was sitting in class,"Listening"to the teacher talking about math, when I got bored. "FFFlip"Over the book's cover went, and I came up with this poem. Enjoy!


I am having problems blogging. I have a lot of homework so I do not have much time to blog. Sam spends all his computer time playing games and Max is too young to understand blogging.

I was trying to light a fire,when I looked up and saw a beautiful jacamar. These birds build their nests in the ground and eat bugs.

They are beautiful birds and I hope to see him again. I managed to get a few shots of him. Note the way he seems to "Pose" in front of the camera.