Friday, 27 March 2009

Boris, the Pink Toed Tarantula (Not Scary)

After a week's patient work, I finally got Boris to walk on my hand! We are used to each other now.

(Mom's note: Me too!!!!!!!!)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Pink Toed Tarantula!

I have some time to come on the computer today , so I am going to answer one of your questions. I have caught a pink toed tarantula in my mom's bedroom, so I am able to look at him for an example. Tarantulas live in humid, tropical rainforests, and eat almost anythyng. You can find out about this amazing spider here.

I was asked in comments , "if a tarantula and a baby bird fought, who would win?'' I have found a video of a goliath spider to clarify this. My tarantula would probably win in a fight against a baby bird because it has venom. He is about 10cm long, but he will grow much bigger. I am going to let him get used to his aquarium before I handle him!

Sam, Max and Thomas helped to catch food for him. We have given him flies and a lizard, but we don't think he has eaten the lizard yet. We are keeping him in the aquarium where the crayfish used to live. They were released a few weeks ago.