Friday, 27 March 2009

Boris, the Pink Toed Tarantula (Not Scary)

After a week's patient work, I finally got Boris to walk on my hand! We are used to each other now.

(Mom's note: Me too!!!!!!!!)


eye in de sky said...

Chas, you are one gnarly dude!!
Hope you and Boris have a great relationship!
Soon people will call you "Spiderman" !
Now you can teach people more about spiders, and hopefully they will realise that tarantulas like Boris are really harmless and should be protected and respected for their place in nature.
Keep up the good work and keep the pictures and videos coming.
Good luck Boyo,

GirlBlue said...

Boris is beautiful Chas, way to go!

He is a very healthy looking specimen to be sure, just be careful as slowly as he is going there they are capable of great bursts of speed.

Your dad is right, what you and your brothers are doing here, highlighting the animals is a great thing, hopefully you show people that they should not kill indiscriminately but instead respect nature.

Oh and hope SEA was suckeye

witchypoo said...

You are amazing! I loved your video.

Chas, Sam and Max said...

He is a beautiful spider and Girl Blue is right:he is capable of amazing speed. chas.

Islandgirl said...

I want a "I Love Boris the Spider" T-Shirt. He truly is cool and beautiful. I like it when he moves sllllowwwww though. Nice video work guys. Thanks for curing me of my big hairy spider phobia.

Mikael said...

Zara LOVES Boris... or maybe it is Chas. But anyway, she loves the video!

Mikael said...

And now we must sing Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Mikael said...

This is Aunty Theresa :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Chas.. that spider earned your trust!! Congrats!

Take good care of your spider..