Sunday, 22 March 2009

Pink Toed Tarantula!

I have some time to come on the computer today , so I am going to answer one of your questions. I have caught a pink toed tarantula in my mom's bedroom, so I am able to look at him for an example. Tarantulas live in humid, tropical rainforests, and eat almost anythyng. You can find out about this amazing spider here.

I was asked in comments , "if a tarantula and a baby bird fought, who would win?'' I have found a video of a goliath spider to clarify this. My tarantula would probably win in a fight against a baby bird because it has venom. He is about 10cm long, but he will grow much bigger. I am going to let him get used to his aquarium before I handle him!

Sam, Max and Thomas helped to catch food for him. We have given him flies and a lizard, but we don't think he has eaten the lizard yet. We are keeping him in the aquarium where the crayfish used to live. They were released a few weeks ago.


witchypoo said...

You sure have interesting pets! I enjoyed the video you found as well.

GirlBlue said...

He won't eat the lizard, best take it out before it actually damages him. He'll eat anything else, roaches, grasshoppers, moths, any insects you can find. Don't overfeed him though, the more they eat the faster they grow, the faster they grow the quicker they die. Supply a shallow dish with water, or if you prefer you could mist the sides of the aquarium with water every morning, they must be kept hydrated or else they will die.

Feel free to ask any questions if you need help. I'd love to see a pic of it though just to see if I could tell if its a male or female although doing that from a pic is difficult at the best of times. Males have a much shorter lifespan, females have been known to live over 29 years to a males year if he's lucky

Tash said...

Wow Chasbo... a pet tarantula. Sweet! I agree with Girl Blue - picture please?!

Islandgirl said...

Swweet! Though Auntie Sharon is not sure she'll be petting the tarantula! Snakes, lizards, frogs, rats,maggots, worms, bugsand beasties... bring them on... but keep the crabbies and large spider away from me thanks! :-) You guys named him yet? I will come and take a look though.