Sunday, 3 May 2009


Here in Trinidad we have two species of mapepire: the mapepire balsain and mapepire zanana. The scientific name for mapepire zanana is Lachesis muta muta. This fascinating species of snake is the world's largest pit viper and is the most dangerous snake in the Caribbean/South American region. This snake can grow to 12 ft. You should take caution arround this snake as it can easily kill a human. The scientific name for mapepire balsain is Bothrops atrops. This snake is more common, smaller , and its venom is less potent then that of the zanana ( thank god ) but will still kill you without medical asistance. If you are alone in the forest you should carry a snake bite kit .

Of all animals in the forest I fear the mapepire the most.

mapepire balsain.

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Islandgirl said...

Very brave to get a photo from so close! Definately snakes to keep your eyes out for...though for every one snake you see there are probably 10 like him keeping THEIR eyes on YOU in the bush!

Chas we need some cool bald head photos!