Monday, 27 April 2009

Macajuel River Hike

Yesterday I went on a hike to a place called macajuel pool. To get there you must swim and hike down the madamas river through some incredible gorges, where the water is so deep that you cannot swim down to touch the river bed . Above is a picture of of one of the people who was on the hike with me swimming down a gorge with his bag.

We drove in along the road as far as we could before starting to walk. on the way ,I took this picture of a shinny we saw many of these on the hike but I did not take photographs of the others.
After that we saw a mapepire in the path .It was about 3 feet . I also got several photographs of it. after a long time hiking we finally reached macajuel pool. We had to jump off a waterfall to get there.If you wish to go get in touch with Carl Fitzjames at the Brasso Seco Paria Site


Anonymous said...

Really cool.
You can also check out
This is a great local group who you can hike with. They also teach you about the stuff you see whilst you are hiking:)
Have fun exploring!!

Islandgirl said...

Nice photography Chas..don't know which looked deadlier..the shinny or the snake (or maybe the jump into the waterfall!) Great adventures! Thanks for sharing them..please tell us more.

witchypoo said...

Wow! You do have the best adventures!
That snake kind of scared me. Is it a viper?

Chas, Sam and Max said...

witchypoo, this is the largest species of pit viper on the planet.

will check out site.


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