Friday, 29 May 2009

Teva Sandals!

Looking for a pair of shoes that does NOT fall off your feet and float down the darn river? A few years ago, if you said yes then I would have said "Crikey, so am I." Fortunately, a few years ago, my aunt bought me these cool Tevas.
Right now I have four stitches in my left big toe as you can see in the picture. I slipped on a piece of glass at a YOGA RETREAT!! It was the kind of place you would never suspect that some dunce would throw their piece of glass on the lawn. But the cool thing is I can still put on Tevas.(P.S. I am growing Tomato plants!!!!!!!!)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Homeschooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Sam

Allo pepolle!!!!!!!!! WE'RE HOMESCHOOLING! Yes,I said it, HOMESCHOOLING. Victory! MWAHAHAHA!!! With the help of a few websites such as Math Playground
we have succeded in reaching the British syllabus. We have also learned alot by going to Brasso Seco (A place hidden in the northern range) by looking at things such as leeches, ants, razor grass, ti marie, moss, ferns, spit and leaves under a microscope.

Here are two more of the websites we used.
BBC school

The cool thing about homeschooling is that you don't have to strain your fingers writing with a pencil.
We do most of our writing on the computer.

Sunday, 3 May 2009


Here in Trinidad we have two species of mapepire: the mapepire balsain and mapepire zanana. The scientific name for mapepire zanana is Lachesis muta muta. This fascinating species of snake is the world's largest pit viper and is the most dangerous snake in the Caribbean/South American region. This snake can grow to 12 ft. You should take caution arround this snake as it can easily kill a human. The scientific name for mapepire balsain is Bothrops atrops. This snake is more common, smaller , and its venom is less potent then that of the zanana ( thank god ) but will still kill you without medical asistance. If you are alone in the forest you should carry a snake bite kit .

Of all animals in the forest I fear the mapepire the most.

mapepire balsain.