Friday, 29 May 2009

Teva Sandals!

Looking for a pair of shoes that does NOT fall off your feet and float down the darn river? A few years ago, if you said yes then I would have said "Crikey, so am I." Fortunately, a few years ago, my aunt bought me these cool Tevas.
Right now I have four stitches in my left big toe as you can see in the picture. I slipped on a piece of glass at a YOGA RETREAT!! It was the kind of place you would never suspect that some dunce would throw their piece of glass on the lawn. But the cool thing is I can still put on Tevas.(P.S. I am growing Tomato plants!!!!!!!!)

1 comment:

Islandgirl said...

Nice shot of the big toe there Sam...pity it wasn't a scratch and sniff photo! hahahaha