Thursday, 30 July 2009

fun and toil with bugs

I haven't blogged in a while but all this time I have been taking pictures, doing research and hiking. I have had lots of adventures since you last heard from me like having the tree that my hammock was tied to struck by lightning while I was camping.

Recently I went on a research trip with a man named Dave. Dave studies revulous (wabines), and aquatic bu gs. Dave is trying to figure out the diets of the revulous at different times in the year, and he let me and another boy to come as his assistant for three days.

Day 1

I spent a night in Brasso Seco Village, and headed out the next day. As soon as we left, the rain started to pour. When we reached camp, we set up the hammocks and cooked some food. Dave isn't much of a cook so our rations consisted mainly of canned and dehydrated foods, but, we had the most important foods [of course I always make sure I have some] CHOCOLATE and M&Ms. We set up the drift nets at around six o'clock pm, and waited. Drift nets are tough nets made of fine plastic mesh that are put in the river, and catch bugs that drift down stream during the night. we netted bugs until nine o'clock in the rain.

We went to bed at about ten o'clock that night, by which time there was thunder and lightning and it was getting worse I got into my henesee hammock and tried to sleep but the thunder was so loud I could not. I turned on my light and stated reading.lightning struck a tree right across the river. there was rumbling clash from the lightning, then an ear splitting crack as the heart of the tree snapped.

I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and a deer bolted under my hamock then there was annother crack and lightning struck the tree my hammock was tied to. There was a flash of white light ad a falling branch hit me in my face. I dropped my light and it turned off in the dark I could not find it. I lay there for an hour till I finally fell asleep.


Islandgirl said...

You need a medal for bravery Chasbo! I think I would have been out of that hammock faster than the lightning could have flashed! Looking forward to hearing of more adventures. Very sensible to pack M & Ms. We all know chocolate is the best food! ;-) Some day soon I will be reading about your adventures in National Geographic when you become their top researcher!

Tash said...

Wow Chasbo - what an adventure. You're so brave. I would've jumped straight into Dave's hammock as soon as that lightning and thunder started, regardless of whether Dave wanted me in that hammock or not.

And I totally agree - CHOCOLATE is essential! Keep writing - can't wait for Part 2...

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LceeL said...

Well done, Chas. You're a braver man than I. The rain - thunder - lightning? No problem. but the BUGS????? EEEWWWWWW. Not me, old son. Not me by a long shot.