Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bicycle Jumping and Photography. Plus a little Face-Planting

All boys from 8 to 80 should love to jump bicycles.

Bicycle jumping is quite easy, especially when you have all the equipment.

All the equipment you need is a strong bike, preferably a BMX.

The places to jump can be found anywhere, from golf courses to skate parks.

These are the rules.

  1. Crashing (Or "Faceplanting") is all part of the fun.

    There are no more rules. Have fun!!!

To be a bicycle jump photographer, you have to have skill, skill, steady hands, a good camera and skill.

Here are a few pictures my dad and I took of Chas trying to jump.

Dad's pics

Good Launch. Things look okay so far.

Going a bit too high! Not sure he can take the shock!

Is that a little lean to the right I see there?



A message from Chas: Pain is temporary......VICTORY IS FOREVER. And I did it on purpose. My plans are flawless.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Rock Collecting Starting a rock collection

Starting a basic rock collection is quite simple nowadays, and can be done via shops, the Internet or museum stores. When you first start collecting, its good to get a plastic container with compartments like the one shown above so you can keep the rocks separately this means that when you expand your collection, the rocks don't get cluttered up

Shown left is the way I lay out the rocks in one of my cases. The rocks are lain out so that each type of rock has its own compartment.

The basic rocks

What rocks should I get first?

Well, the most obvious is one you probably already have : quartz.
It is the most commonly found rock in a collection, but one of the most beautiful. When you start expanding your rock collection,You may like to get the rarer smoky or rose quartz.

Another common stone is amethyst . It is a deep purple in colour, and can be found in all rock shops and museum stores.I went to the store in the Natural History Museum in London, and was amazed at the rock shop. Not only did it have the basic rocks, but also a selection of rarer rocks. Shown below, are some of the common rocks in their order. Quartz, tiger eye, agate and amethyst

After you have collected these rocks, advance your collection by going into stores and picking the rocks that appeal to you If you have any questions, Please comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Kronos, My Pet SCARY Monster

Hi Guys,
I've got a new pet monster. Unfortunately, he doesn't exist. Otherwise I would use him to "Physically Deface and Consume" my brothers. 8-D. Anyway, there is a picture of him above and I wanna know what you think of him. His name is Kronos.