Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bicycle Jumping and Photography. Plus a little Face-Planting

All boys from 8 to 80 should love to jump bicycles.

Bicycle jumping is quite easy, especially when you have all the equipment.

All the equipment you need is a strong bike, preferably a BMX.

The places to jump can be found anywhere, from golf courses to skate parks.

These are the rules.

  1. Crashing (Or "Faceplanting") is all part of the fun.

    There are no more rules. Have fun!!!

To be a bicycle jump photographer, you have to have skill, skill, steady hands, a good camera and skill.

Here are a few pictures my dad and I took of Chas trying to jump.

Dad's pics

Good Launch. Things look okay so far.

Going a bit too high! Not sure he can take the shock!

Is that a little lean to the right I see there?



A message from Chas: Pain is temporary......VICTORY IS FOREVER. And I did it on purpose. My plans are flawless.


Rory said...

heheheheheh Nice One, Chabbo!!

LceeL said...

That opening comment about boys, 8 to 80? That may be JUST a bit ambitious.

And even though I MIGHT be able to get a bike up to mid-air - I'm not sure there are many bikes that could handle the load when we hit the ground. (17 stone)

Islandgirl said...

Super stuff that when you flick through the pics on facebook it looks almost like a those little flip cartoon books. Tell your mother to stock up on the black pepper and rubber bands!

Skylar said...

He he! How cool! Funny little comic there...You have to be pretty tough to do that.